This service is about to help you in anonymous check of different anti-virus system. This check will be made by numbers of anti-virus system and no reports will be send to developers of this anti-virus system. You can be fully sure that your files will not be send to anti-virus databases. All reporting system in our version of anti-virus engines was disabled MicrosoftSpyNet, ESET ThreatSense.Net Early Warning System etc.

  • Updates of all anti-viruses made each hour, most of main anti-virus system made updates in real -time.
  • We give you maximum speed of scanning, 10 files will be scanned by all anti-virus system starting from 30 second.
  • We support periodic checks. You need to select amount of time that check will be happened, and select method system will contact you after found something suspicious.


Per Month- 30$.
Per Check- 0.15$.
Referal- 10%
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